Delivery information?
Email entered on Checkout Page will be used to instantly send a link to download answer.
You can also download your order from My Downloadable product option after logging into your account. 

Download options

I want homework help, is that possible?
Yes, you can submit your homework using the contact us form or mail us at support@assignmentcache.com.

What methods of Payment do you accept?
We accept payment only through Paypal

Do I need a Paypal account to Pay you?
You do not need a Paypal Account to pay us. Paypal is only a method of accepting payments. As long as you have a Debit or Credit card you can pay us

How do I pay you if I do not have a Paypal Account?
You will need a Debit or Credit card or a Paypal Account to pay us

How can I recover my account details if I forgot them?
Simply click on the Forgot Username or Password link for instructions on how to retrieve your account information.

Can I view my previous orders placed on this site?
To view your order history you must first Sign In. Click My Account on the menu bar to access your account information. Select View Order History.

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